South Australian Genealogy Resources

Aboriginal people

Births, baptisms, marriages, deaths & burials



  • The South Australian 1841 census is the only 19th century SA census with surviving details. The enumerator sheets are available in the State Library of SA's family history collection.
  • Check the State Records of SA listing to see if a person was recorded by name.

Church archives


  • Courts Administration Authority of South Australia
  • Probate Registry [contact information for obtaining deceased estate wills & grants of probate]
    • Supreme Court Building, 1 Gouger Street, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia
    • Telephone: +618 8204 0505
  • Supreme Court Registry [contact information]
    • 1 Gouger Street, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia
    • Telephone: +618 8204 0476 & +618 8204 0478
  • Court records including divorce more than 100 y old — an involved procedure that may require more than one visit to the court registry

Electoral rolls

Family trees

Genealogy and family history

Government archives

Land, maps and place names

Libraries & newspapers

Local history


Shipping, immigration & passenger lists

Wars & military history

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